How It Works

Equip your business with a trusted digital platform for payment issuance and reconciliation.




The DPX Difference

  • One reconciliation report for all payments.
  • Empower payees with control over their preferred payment method.
  • Make payments regardless of the Buyer/Supplier relationship.
  • Dynamic settlement encourages early payments and drives payer revenue.
  • Intelligent routing encourages the shift to digital transactions.
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Transform How You Pay

Modernizing B2B payments with a single platform for all payments and payment types


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Payee Onboarding

One-time enrollment is completed a simple and quick four step process.

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Payment Preferences

Payee selects how they would like to receive payment with access to one or more free options and the ability to receive funds prior to the payment date. 
Payment method can be changed at any time.

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Payment Issuance

Payer leverages a single platform to issue payment for all payments and payment types across all vendors and suppliers.

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Payment Inquiry

At any time, Payees can access the self-service portal to see payment status or address payments requiring action.
Payment details are updated automatically and include a date and time stamp.

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Prior to final settlement, Payees can easily convert payment choice from one type to another including receiving funds early.
Payment is delivered via the Payee’s preferred payment method.

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Remittance is delivered with the payment and can be printed or downloaded by Payee.

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Payer has single reconcilement feed to manage with single format, consistent dispositions, timing and reporting across all payments and payment types.


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